Aims of the Quaker Arts Network

  • To develop a community of Friends interested in the arts.
  • To encourage and support the use of arts for Quaker outreach and spiritual growth.
  • To provide a forum for Quakers to share insights about how the creative arts feeds into their spiritual well being.
  • To explore the expression of Quakerism through the arts.
  • To celebrate, publicise and document the diverse work of Quaker artists, for instance by providing a website with links to the websites of Quaker artists.

How we work

We are an informal group of Quakers with interest in the arts (broadly defined), run on a voluntary basis. All those in sympathy with our aims are welcome to join the network. While many of us are practising artists, others may have interest in the use of the arts for spiritual expression, nurture, healing, Quaker outreach or simply pleasure. Our initial focus was on visual arts but those interested in other art forms are welcome to join the network too.

Organisation is minimal and is evolving. Currently we have a small Planning and Holding Group. Our email address, quakerartsuk (at) is used to share information – for example about exhibitions - with members and to organise events, etc. Emails sent to the address will be forwarded to the group as a whole – normally within a week. NB in responding to these circulations please reply to the originator – not to QAN.

A Planning and Holding Group organises an AGM and a presence at Yearly Meeting, and other groups undertake particular projects. We hope all QAN members will contribute by publicising QAN, emailing information of interest and supporting us in other ways.